Casa Redondo

A Beautiful Garden Wedding Venue

Casa Redondo, and Casa Redondo Gardens are a nearby annex of St. Paul's Cultural Center which is located at 464 S. 1st Avenue. An important landmark in Old Yuma, its beautiful walled gardens feature more than 50 trees, multiple water features including a running creek, a rose garden, a gated private patio area, and six secluded arbors. It is a perfect place for small intimate garden weddings, or larger weddings with up to 100+ guests. The gardens are also suitable for small parties and receptions. Catering is available. We offer three types of weddings:

For wedding licenses please call the County Clerk at: (928) 817-4210 ex. 8


For a Formal Garden Wedding for 50 guests or less the cost of the gardens for a 2 hour use is $650.00 plus two dollars per chair. For example, the cost for 40 guests would be $730.00. If there are more than 50 guests the fee is adjusted at $10.00 per person and $2.00 for each additional chair. For example, the cost for 70 guests would be $990.00. (Note: Chairs are all matching and white in color. Two hours is sufficient time for the arrival of your guests, the wedding service, and a thorough photo shoot in our beautiful gardens.)

A Chapel-style Wedding and Officiant with 10 guests or less inside Casa Redondo is $100.00

A Chapel-style Garden Wedding and Officiant with 10 guests or less is $250.00

The Officiant's gratuity for a Formal Garden Wedding is $300.00. No rehearsals are scheduled for garden weddings.

Please do not forget to pick up your license at the County Clerk's Office!